Tuesday, 19 April 2011


There is a great variety of emotions. We always feel something. It can be negative or positive. It can be a very strong feeling or can be not. We can not always express them. However, they are in us.
Different people define emotions in different ways. Some make a distinction between emotions and feelings saying that a feeling is the response part of the emotion and that an emotion includes the situation or experience, the interpretation, the perception, and the response or feeling related to the experience of a particular situation.
Emotions control your thinking, behavior and actions. Emotions affect your physical bodies as much, as your body affects your feelings and thinking. People who ignore their emotions, make themselves feel uncomfortable. Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body can cause serious illnesses. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, negativity, frustration and depression cause chemical reactions in your body that are very different from the chemicals released when you feel positive emotions such as feeling happy, content, loved, accepted.
You cannot change or control your emotions. You can learn how to be with them, live peacefully with them, releasing them but you can never control them. The more anyone tries to control their emotions, the more they resist control, and the more frightened people eventually become at what is seen to be a “loss of emotional control”. People feel uncomfortable with those who express strong emotions. We are taught to hide our emotions, to be ashamed of them or to be afraid of them. We are born with them and must live with them. This means learning how to know them, be with them, and release them.
People should live in peace with their emotions...


  1. Irine, what a brilliant topic you've touched upon!
    *Emotions control your thinking, behavior and actions. whether it is true or not we are to debate on this morning.) I am eager to speak up now if it wasn't for the need of going to ed and finally having a sleep. )) So I will be here tomorrow.)

  2. Thanks,Irine, for this thought-provoking article. It's much true for men first of all.Boys are taught by their fathers from the childhood that "real men" do not give way to tears and must control their feelings...To my mind,it's not good. Scientists say that it can be the reason why women live longer than men, as we are free to express our emotions even in public...On the other hand, to be next to people who can't keep their emotions under control is also not an easy thing...I can't agree with the author of the article that we cannot control our feelings...I personally believe that it depends on our upbringing first, whether we understand when and how we can express emotions or not...But what I completely agree with is that we cannot change them. You can be a thick nut to crack in the society and nobody will see a tear in your eyes and at the same time be a very mild persn inside going in for boxing to get rid of stress :) What is more, we have positive emotions as well, and they can give us much strength to rich our aims. Don't you agree with me?

  3. IRINE, I was sj willing to comment that I was mistyping the words tonight)))

    @Ekaterina, yes, I quite agree that the article is thought-provoking.
    As for your idea about men, well, I consider it to be the truth, too. Though morden men's attitude to life has been changing rapidly. It seems to me, we can hardly say if it is still true about them - men are becoming less musculine, I dare say. But this is another topic of discussion.)And I hope it is not going to be getting worse within years .)
    There is something in what you say, referring to the scientific researches about women living longer lives.
    Speaking about the control of our emotions, ...Hmmm, a disputable question it is! Probably, we shoud put it into other words: What we ARE in power to control is our emotions that result in our behaviour, rather than cfeelings. Feelings is definitely the thing we can do little about.))

    Positive emotions supply us with all the other positive things.
    Remember: If you cannot change the situation, do change your attitude to it .)

  4. The article is really thought-provoking…I can personally say that emotions and the ways to express or control them was always my problem… I can show only such emotions as anger, disappointment and so on… Anger often turns into rage and I become “a devil in Yana’s appearance” (as Alona Vladimirovna said :-)). As for good emotions such as happiness, enjoyment… People never understand whether I like smth or not…I know that I should learn how to show them but… I can’t manage with it

  5. @Yana, Ahahaha! Sorry Yana, I didn't mean to say that, was just poking fun! .))
    You say people never understand whether you like something or not, but do you think you really should learn how to express your emotions? For whom? The others? Yourself? Think of this first.
    This is a rather disputable question again, I should say. Of course it is nice to see the understanding of the feelings, but it is not always neccessary for everyone to comprehend what one feels. Those who care, do understand and do feel with no further explanations needed.

    And, no you're an agel really! Just dress up black when slightly upset, but that's no bad.))) You'll learn how to manage with that, I tell you. I also used to be easilly getting mad about trifles. Now I've changed. =)

  6. you are my personal psychotherapist =)))thank you for support and advice...

  7. @Yana, awww, that's cute. I'm always here to support and give a hand, you know that from the start .)That's a pleasure.

  8. Thank you for everyone. I really pleased that my thoughts made people discuss other topics. It's great!!!
    Well, what about showing emotions...I've always, in any question, try to find "Golden Middle". It's my rule №1, because there are no unnecessary things in the world. If you, Jana, don't show some of your emotions than it should be so. It's what you are...of course you can change it, but as Alona Vladimirovna said "do you think you really should learn how to express your emotions?"

  9. @Irishka, you see how rewarding sincerity can be! Glad you are pleased, Irine .)
    Finding a Gold Middle as you name it, sounds fine, though it may be a rather difficult thing to do

  10. BTW, Irine, hope you don't mind that I have made some alteration in the size of a picture.) just to make it easier to read. ))

  11. Of course, I don't mind. Thank you for that.

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