Hello, dear fellow writers!
After receiving a number of your comments saying how puzzled you become when it comes to posting on the blog English for Engloholics or leaving a comment here, I have realised the neccessity of this Tip-Page!
So, let me give you a couple of tips on how to do posting/commenting on this blog (and other blogs supported by Blogger.com. with a help of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am not an author of English for Engloholics (EfE) yet. How can I become one?
1) Create a Google accounton gmail.com (Do not do it if you already have one!)
2) Send a letter from your gmail.com e-mail adress to alenaraspberry@googlemail.com
3) On receiving an invitation from me to become a co-writer of the blog "English for Engloholics", follow all the instructions given in the invitation.

I am already one of the authors of EfE. How can I post articles now?
1) Log in.
2) When logged in you'll see a "Post a New Message" sign at the very top bar in the right corner.
3) After pressing the button (New Message) you'll see this:

4) Type in your text on any subject you like. Remember it should only be in English! Give your post a name. Add tags (example: Idioms, False friends of interpreters, Summary, Emotions, Consumers rights, etc.) Add links or pictures. 
5) Publish! You can make changes ANY time you wish.

How can I add info about myself to the page "Authors"?
1) Open the page "Authors" by simply pessing on it on the main page.
2) Click on the pen at the bottom of the article.
3) Add short info about yourself (What are likes/dislikes,hobbies, interests, etc. Remember to be brief!)
4) Click on "Publish"

How can I add comments to the already existing post on EfE?
1) Click on ANY post you find intersting (for example, a post on Scottish language "What a Bonny Wee Bairn")
2) Scroll the page down until you see "Leave a comment" sign.
3) Type in your comment, question, remark.
4) Press "publish".

Good luck!

Forever yours, 
Wee Teacher