Thursday, 26 May 2011

The strange thing called Life!

What a strange thing this Life is! It’s so different for everyone; for every single soul in this world. There are thousands who are born in a day in certain parts of this world and bring happiness in the respective families and the same day itself, thousands others who lose their lives. Some celebrate the birth of a new member in their family yet others mourn over the tragic loss in the family. The worst part is, when you have to step in and congratulate one of your cousins/friends for arrival of a new born or over his/her fantastic performance in the exams or some other great news and participate in the celebrations and the second moment you need to sympathize with some other cousin/friend who is losing his/her loved one, due to some fatal disease/ accident or for some other sad news. Over and above, you have to deal with strange events erupting in your own life. I am right here; right in the middle of complete bewilderment as to how I should be reacting while balancing my mood considering my own current status. Struggling with the challenges that life has thrown at me; wondering why misery and achievement have to co-exist. Why can’t LIFE be the same for everyone? Why can’t it be full of love and fun moments all the time? Why is Life the way it is? Alas! There’s no answer and there will never be!
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