All the authors of this blog are exceptional personalities that are sharing one and the same disorder - their English-language addiction.
But let them speak for themselves!

Alyona Malinka (Wee Teacher), administrator and author.
Surgut, Russia
University Teacher of English and German as FL, blogger, bath singer, smiling face, extraordinary perfectionist. 
Thinks herself a witty poetess. Has a passion for travelling, loves being complimented in public and is well-known for being a non-stop chattering Engloholic.
Wants a Sphynx cat that cleans its toilet with no help of a human.

Parul Khanna, author.

Spiritual, a music freak, friend to a friend, guide to a seeker, an innocent child within, crazy and at times a wise adult, hate diplomacy, hypocrisy and manupulation, love to enjoy life, deep-thinker, revolutionst mind.

Irina Gilmanova (Irishka), author
Surgut, Russia
Agressive and obedient, cruel and tender, cold and warm, fluffy but with claws, for all and no one - it's all me.
Love chocolate, cats and George )))

Others will tell about them later!!! Wait and see!