Students Blogging

Not only am I a Wee Teacher and a huge fan of English, but I am also a big blog-lover. Who'd have thought that this love of mine can be so infectious! Here are the links to the blogs of the students I "infected"!

Edutainment - Blog run collectively by students of Group B-2041

Lee Blueberry Public ® - Irene Seredina's Blog (group 1041)

loveChocolate - Helen Ustyuzhanina's Blog (group 1041)

My VeRy EnGliSH Blog - Kate Carrot's Blog  (group 1041)

Bubble Blog -  Milana Rakhmanova's Blog (group 842)

Join in by simply clickin on "create a blog" at the top right corner of the window!

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  1. Oh dear, if only you could read my mind! You'd find out how proud I am of these students! ))