Monday, 7 March 2011

How International The Women's Day Is?

Photo: Women's Center.

Is it really an International Women's Day as we all pronounce it? Or is it just another whim and fancy of the Russian people to get some extra days off work?

Is it a holiday? A global celebration? A simple calendar day?

How International the International Women's Day Is? Let's try and find it out.
Women's Day has started in the early 1900s and is now celebrated annually in all (?) around the world. It is marked on March 8 and is also known as International Working Women's Day or alternatively as the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Piece.
All of the names given have their right to exist, for, originally, the IWD was a socialist event. Yet it somehow turned into a Day for The Praise of Women, well known as the Universal Day for Cards Sellers' Income Increase and Flower Stores' Best Day of the Year!

So it had eventually lost it's primarilly political flavour with the bitter (or sweet, I know not) taste of feminism and is now treated, at least in Russia, mostly as a MUST-GIVE-HER-A-PRESENT day.

Though, if you are in any way aknowledged about the origin of the Day you might well know it as a significent reminder of the woman's role in the society.
How important it is for us to recognise and celebrate our heroes and She-roes
© Maya Angelou, African American Poet

I am not about to dwell on the subject of the historical background of the 8th of March Day, for you can well read about the history of it here, there and probably somewhere here, where you can find the answer to What to do on the IWD question?

So, coming back to the question of Internationality of the Women's Day, I am to say it looks like truth. Having Googled for the IWD, I came across quite a number of sites representing mostly American, Canadian, Itallian or Indian women who really do know of the Day.

There's a rack of documentary videos proving the the fact as well. One of them I found rather amusing, for it is about How They Celebrate it in Russia. Quite fun watching the Russians in search for flowers here, especially when you're a Russian yourself.

Who'd have thought women really DO assemble and march the streets on the 8th of March to remind those who might have forgotten about the rights women deserve. No flowers, really. You can find out more at the official IWD site, where you can be inspired by women's art and stories and learn about the past and future activities on the Day. Rather interesting to know.

There are also loads of
  1. Women's Day Jokes
  2. Women's Day Quotes
  3. Women's Day Cards and Presents (that better Google or Yandex yourself).
The most interesting IWD event I have learnt about wthin my wee research of the subject-in-question is the one about Giving Up Ladies' Old Bras - a weird must-read really! =))

So, this is what I have found out about the Women's Day.
Still, I do congratulate you gorgeous and grumpy ladies on being so gorgeous and so grumpy!

Have the best of the Day tomorrow, girls, and be beautiful, for you are!

Sencirely yours,
Wee Woman Teacher

PS How do YOU PERSONALLY celebrate the Women's Day?
Do you think it worth celebrating?
What are you up to this year?
What other interesting things can you share?


  1. In Scotland IWD is used by some organisations to promote themselves or to raise awareness of existing inequality.

    It's not a national holiday of any sort.

    Almost all newspapers and news shows will talk about the day, they will often have extended segments about it.

    So today I will not do anything different. I celebrate women everyday.

  2. Euan, you're too sweet. These are the words of a feminist man!

    Ye, we have o parades for the women's rights too, only hear hre and there about "How to make a hand-made present for your One and Only lady", "Why not buy cool jewelery at our grand nice shop?" or "Women should not only be loved on the IWD!".

    Yet it still looks like thee (we) are.

    You're an exeption, Euan. That is which I appreciate about your outsrtanding personality! ;)

  3. Thank's Wee, I have learned about this holiday a lot of new useful information, thank's a lot;)

  4. Hehe!! Useful, really? How useful was that?
    Goodness gracious! =)
    Glad to hear that, Sandra, dear!
    You are always welcomed in our Engloholic Club!

  5. i think if a woman in love she will have womans day everyday)))

  6. Sasha, or probably if a MAN is in love with a woman, the woman will have her IWD every day! .)))))

  7. yes
    of course
    you are absolutely right)))

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