Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beware of "Mr Tickle" (Reading Contest)

Who is Mr Tickle that you should be aware of him?

You didn’t know there was such a thing as a Tickle, did you? Well, there is! Tickles are small and round and have arms that stretch and stretch and stretch. Extraordinary long arms!
© Roger Hargreaves

Mr Tickle is the one who gives you a fantastic opportunity to show off your English Language skills by reading a short story about his small and round personality. Yes, you heard it right! High time for you to boast of everything you have learnt in terms of English!
All you need to do is simply TAKE PART in the

READING Competition
(among the 3nd course students ONLY!)

which is to be held from the 3rd till the 24th of March 2011!
Don't miss your chance to boast of:
  1. Your gorgeous phonetics
  2. Brilliant intonation
  3. Exceptionally emotional reading and adequacy of the pauses
  4. Your fantastic tembre that must to be heard not only in class!

What do you need to do?

1. Follow the link on Audioboo and listen to the others from the WHOLE world who has already taken part in Voice Mapping (press any RED SPOT on the map)

2. Download the text "Mr Tickle"or Print it out to make it easier fot you to read (it's in pdf format) here!!

3. Train your reading at home, in the street, on the roof of your dad's garage, under the bed of your sneezing granmom, or simply try and check your reading to a puzzled pet of yours or in front of the mirror!
By the way:
Talking to yourself is the only way of guaranteeing an intelligent conversation.. =)))))
© Euan MacInness
4. RECORD your reading of the text up to the line within the time limit (for that you'll need a ..recorder, and..a timer, or clock. Simple, aye? ;)

  • You only have 4 minutes for your read up to the line!!! (longer ones cannot be acepted)
  • before starting to read Say your Name, City and Country(whrere the record was made), year of birth and whether you're a male or a female. I will explain to you a bit later why you need to do this!=)
E.g. Alona, Surgut Russia, 1986, female

5. Hand in the recorded MP3 files to the Member of the Jury. Hurry up to be in the list of the first people to hand it in!

  • The Competition will last only till the 20th of March. The deadline time 17.00 (Surgut time)!
6. Easiest, yet most exciting part - try and just relax to live your normal life and look forward for th results!

What PRIZES will you get?

Winners will be praised and worshipped by the others! =)

And, of course, they will get:
1. The Certificate that would give them extra 10, or 9,5, or 9 points (fo the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize)

2. The Possibility to Map their voices on Audioboo Map!(that's why you need to keep to the time and structure of the record)

3. Opportunity to see their winning names on the site of the University and make the parents be frighteningly proud! =)

Try and do your very best in it! But remember that you all are WINNERS! Except for those who are not, hehe;) Just kidding!

Good luck to You!!!

Dear Friends,
If you still have questions (whether some trifle or loads of sophisticated ones), feel free to ask me now in the Comments!

Your Wee Teacher


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  4. By the way, is it all clear in the message? Does it need any alterations to be made? Can it be understood? ..all the rules and limits..?

  5. Thanks for the link :) and as to the rules and limits...I guess everybody who is interested in this contest will understand everything in the right way as the message is very informative and precise. On the other hand there is always an opportunity to ask for help :)

  6. Right. Thanks for the feedback!
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  9. HEY EVERY ONE, every participant!
    Thanks for taking part! We are going to have a jury assembly this week, and cite out the Best of the Best!.)
    Wait and see!