Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Blog me now

Well, hello there, dear You!

Here is my Welcome Note to all the future Englocholics. I warmheartedly greet you, English-addicted people (hopefully students of group 842, to be precise!) as well as any other blog-readers who may simply find this blog a cure for the Languguage addiction!

"What on Earth am I doing here?" one may think, puzzled by the use of this blog.

To tell you the truth, I have not a slightest idea, exept for one that I have made my students folow the link and leave a wee "Here I am" in the comments (though YOU, my dear, STILL HAVEN"T!) ;).

I am sure to be just poking fun now, hoping that you understand the fairly flat humour of mine.

Anyway, I will try and do my best in making the use and fun out of this blog.

Hope to see your lovely faces posting some witty and clever wee comments on the subjects created further on here.

Forever yours,
the Wee Teacher

ps Ideas on the content of the blog are accepted here in the comments below. All you need is be rather imaginative and curious, trying to follow the needs of yours (and ours). Let's make it all together.

Blogging cun be much fun, especially when it contains a bit of a challenge, a bit of some help, and loads of creativity!


  1. Hey!
    My dear wee! )) You're doing just great! I really hope that this project will succeed, 'cause the very best way to learn eng is to have lots of conversations ))

  2. Thanks Laura!!!
    Hope so, too. Though we are the only commenters here so far!
    Why are you hiding your pretty face?

  3. Hello! Nice to meet you! I like the idea of your blog very much.

  4. Olga, thanks a lot! .))I can say the same about yours.)
    Hopefully there won't be ONLY TEACHERS posting here .)))))Hehe..

  5. Let's look forward to hearing from your students! ;)

  6. Haha.. thanks! "In students we trust" could be the moto of the blog.
    Btw, I am thinking of changing the design of the blog, but still doubt it. Do you think it is worth doing? i just think it's rather hard toread the grey letters on a blue colour..Hmmm. Don't know. Perhaps white & black posts but some nice background..Still thinking.
    Would be nice to hear/read a piece of advice from a reader. ))

  7. Well, if you ask me, I like this theme. There is a kind of freshness about it. Grey letters stand out all right against the light-blue background.

  8. Hehe! That sounds argumentative, really. After having compared the two themes? I have finally made up my mind to leave it as it is now.))
    Glad you appeared to think the same .))