Monday, 26 March 2012

Why students do not visit lessons???

Have you ever felt offenсe for acts of other people? I have!
Unfortunatly, I can't do another way. It's just the person I am. This feeling is especially strong, when teacher is very kind to you. If teacher's lesson is useless, then I have no reasons for offence. But then I start thinking about other people who suffer from these actions. And belive me there are such kind of people! There always are.
So what do we have in the end? An enormous number of problems for person who didn't come to class, for people who owed to make the person come (and it is not only one person but about 10 or 15 people if not more). Though, all began with words "I don't want. I'm lazy." Very simple phrase but far too more serious consequences.
Thus, tell me please WHY? Why are people are so selfish? Where is the finish of that? What should we do?

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  1. Dear Irine, your post could never leave me uninterested, for the topic you've decided to touch upon is more than a burning issue...
    Let me say a word or two about it from the point of a teacher's view.
    As a fairly tolerant and understanding teacher I used to assume that if one misses lessons then there are significant reasons for that. However, it turns out that there are far more than lack of reasons in it at times...
    Oh, I remember myself being absolutely confused, if not to say devastated, seeing two-three people in class out of 10-15 listed on registers.. Oh.... Sifting salt on wounds, as we say..(( Will it get any better within time, you guess?