Monday, 7 November 2011

Read My Lips to Know Me Better

Have you ever tried to read one's face? It's not that hard as it seems to be! What you need is to define a person's shape of eyes or eyebrows, check up the width of one's smile and the size of one's nose.

You can try and take up a course on physiognomy to learn how to read people's faces. But there is a simpler way, they say. Just take a look at someone's lips!

Those with full lips are usually responsible and therefore trustworthy. So they are the people you can trust your super-mysterious secrets to. Still, make sure they are trustworthy to you, not to someone else!
People with full lips are also said to be decisive and studious. How true is that? On the other hand, they tend to be extremly bossy and reproaching which makes them unbearable at times, for they enjoy telling others what to do!

However, the majority of them are way too self-centered. It seems, they only care about their own needs and feelings, forgetting about the others.

People with a thin upper lip but a full lower one are believed to be energetic, gregarious and hard-working.
They want to take part in every single event happening around! They can hardly be called "laid back", since their ambition and fearlessness is one of their main charachteristics!

Those who have thin lips are thought to be single-minded and feisty. They are determined to do what they plan and are ready to stand their ground or even argue with those who stand on their way, if necessary. Still, when it comes to their work, they are prudent and foreseeing, as well.
They are not much talkative and prefer to keep their feelings unshown to the others. What's more, they can be rather mean in terms of sharing things or spending money. Just think of Angelina Jolie with her full lips and a number of charity compaigns! Would she be as kind-heared if her lips were twice thinner? Who knows.

There are also people whose lips have down-turning corners. To make the image clear, think of Stallone! Got it now? Good. So, Stallone-style-lipped people are said to be very generous! They would share their one and only T-shirt with you or take a lawn for you in a bank, with no doubt!
They are highly intelligent and gifted and can understand sophisticated things easily. But it doesnt't make them less sensitive... Can you believe that? Is there anyone who saw Stallone crying at Titanic or while nursing a wee kitten with a sore leg?

There's a great variaty of ways to learn a person's character and manners. To foresee one's behaviour you can apply to horoscopes, fortune tellers, simple cross-questioning or torture (the last one is no good though, even for those considered to be involved in witchcraft)!

But whatever you choose to do, try and keep in mind that the best way to find out people's personalities is to communicate with them in close, or sipmly give them money or power.

And what can you say about reading one's face? Have you ever tried doing it?
Do you think one can trust such a way?
Is there any truth about you in these descriptions?

Yours faithfully,
a bad lip-reader.


  1. WOW! how interesting!)))An informative and brilliantely written article!)))

    Well,I have thin lips but the description of people with a thin upper lip but a full lower one suits me better. I am puzzled...

  2. What a rewarding thing blogging is! As soon as I get such kind of replies as yours, I realise I have done something good .) Thanks a lot!

    I'd say you have a thinh upper lip and a full lower one..But my be I should take a closer look at you!
    This information is taken from a Student's Corce book called "Objective", but I have rendered it the way I see and feel it!

    I hope it could be somehow inspiring for you and other students!

    Speaking about the descriptions, I would not fully trust the lips, nor what they say .)) However, I suppose there's quite a lot of truth about some of the "representatives" of one or another type of lips .)