Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Plastic Surgery Beauty

The growing demand for plastic surgery services is determined by various industrial and social factors. Nowadays it is fashionable to be young, healthy and attractive. Society seems to have become obsessed with the fear of getting old.

But if a person feels young and energetic, why he or she must look of their age when they feel like twenty? The decision to make one's appearence match their inner world may have very positive effects allowing the person feel more comfortable, both phisically and emotionaly. When a person isn't satisfied with his or her appearence, he/she locks himself/herself away from the world.

Very often people blame their appearence for theif misfortunes; and hope to change their life by changing their looks. Actually, sometimes people must change themselves but not appearence.

The necessity of operation is determind not by age but by the state of appearence, for example, after a car accident. Plastic surgery returnes him/her former attractiveness.

Anyway, before making the final decision to have the operation done, the person must weight all the possible risks.


  1. You're a deep-thinker, Regina!
    Glad you have found out on how to deal with artcle posting on the blog .)

    I quite agree with you here, the humanity is more than obsessed with endless diets, "beauty" injections and skinny standards! The only thing I could never make up my mind about is the answer to a simple question - WHY? Why do teenagers dream of Pamela Anderson's ...soul? .))Why do they feel so uncertain about their own natural beauty? Wy do they want to be "done at one and the same factory" with one and the same shape of lips?

  2. Although I’m not a follower of the plastic surgery, I don’t mind that some people want to change their looks. In my opinion, the self-esteem is very important. If a person truly find oneself more attractive changing the appearance, it’s very fine.
    However, in many cases it doesn’t work. A person is operated but he keeps feeling dissatisfaction with his appearance that causes new operations. And this “hunt” doesn’t stop. It appears that many people want to become happier but they don’t understand that the problem is at the bottom of their thought.
    So, I wouldn’t operate me unnecessarily, but … who knows what will I do when I’m elderly

  3. Yes, I agree with you to some extent. Now that we are young and "fresh", we can hardly be objective in the estimation if it all. Nor can we claim whether or not we are ever going to be operated with a knife if a plastic surgeon. Moreover, there are definitely cases, where plastic surgery may be of great importance (say, after an accident or some disease that could have disfigured one's face or birds). Still, little use and even less beauty do I see in young girls turning into duck-faced big-lipped clones. :) Yet, there's no accounting for tastes for sure ;)))