Friday, 18 November 2011

Collective Bestseller, or A Story to Be Continued

Level of fear has been growing with extremely fast speed.
Somebody knocks on the door. The other moment it's become as quite as in a grave. She goes to the door as the mouse.
No one there.
Life in a solitude makes people shudder from every rustle...


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a writer?
Why not you try and offer your own development of the plot?!
You know how to add some more intrigue to catch the reader's attention!

What would your continuation of this story be?
And how would you name the short story?

+ Extra task! Think of the ways to improve what has already been written in the opening paragraph of the story! How would you make the story more... story-like? Would you change anything in the beginning?

Let's make it a collective bestseller!


  1. Not so many writers here, aye? .))

  2. It might be a wind, she thought. She tried to calm down, but the filling of fear didn't leave her.

    1. Thank you, Regina. A good start!

      Let me give it an outcome:

      ..On realising it, she started reflecting on her past lost in thoughts. It looked more like a dream than reality, for she felt as if taken up by the strong blow of wind to the past times when she was a small curly-haired girl possessing no fear and no doubt, but love and care of her Mummy and Daddy! Those days are gone by now...

      Ymmm... I didn't mean to make it sound THAT gloomy .))