Sunday, 19 February 2012

If I Ran a Mall...

Starlite Shopping Mall
If I ran a mall, I would definitely try to make it the best mall one could ever imagine! Not as huge as Harrods (London), perhaps, or West Edmonton Mall (Japan), for I would prefer it to be a shopping centre not a sight for tourists with that avalanche of ridiculous attractions to entertain the visitors!

And have YOU ever thought of an ideal precinct or a shopping centre? If not, then it's high time for you to do your best and think of a perfect mall! Use your imagination, think of your experience!

My Perfect Mall
To work out a project try and answer these easy questions:

  • What would the name of your mall be? (Remember: that name is not the least when it comes to dealing with customers)
  • Where would it be located? What would it look like? 
  • What would it be specialised on? What would be on offer? (goods on stock and department stores)
  • Who would  your clients be? (people it is designed for)
  • What services and facilities would it have?
  • What kind of staff would you hire?
  • Will your prices be to-the-level? 
  • What ways of payment would it offer?
  • What would the working hours be?, etc.
West Edmonton Mall

The project is either a Power Point presentation or a Photo Story (use Movie Maker or PhotoStory 3).
What you need to think of is that you are to interest the others with your project of a mall!

5 Things to Keep in Mind:
  1. Grammar (correctness, variety of structures)
  2. Vocabulary (correctness, richness and adequacy to the topic)
  3. Length (5-7 minutes long to prevent the audience from falling asleep!)
  4. Logic, coherency in structure (which means it better have an introductary part as well as a climax and a closing!)
  5. Phonetics (intonation, pauses, emphatic stresses when presenting the project orally or on a record to a photostory)
Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as needed to clarify the requirements to the projects of yours! 
Wee Teacher in M1, Poznan (Poland), 2008
Looking forward to your ideas and post! Feel free to post an individual article on the blog or a comment to this post with videos, presentations or links attached!

Best regards, 
Wee Teacher

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