Saturday, 25 February 2012

How NOT to Complain?

How I wish I was a better complainer! It's not that I wish to complain more, no. It's all about being confident enough to stand my rights (oh, yes, we DO have consumer protection laws and a good deal of other preservative laws we have no idea about), to complain without filling my speech of displeasure with a good deal of inapropreate "Ums" and "Errs", without losing my temper or forgetting completely how to speak proper language! I realise clearly enough that on learning how to complain properly I will probably make my life more diverse and less stressful.
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Since it may seem obnoxious of me to post real complaint letters aimed at real people here in this blog I have decided to change the names and addresses mentioned in the letter, so that to avoid causing troubles but provide you with some knowledge on how NOT to complain instead.
To tell you the truth, I have never sent any letter of complaint to the company or organisation I was displeased with, yet if I have, it would be a splendid opportunity to bring some positive alterations to my despleased well-being.

Here's my story put into a badly worded complaint letter. Shall we discuss it later on?

A Good-Enough-for-a-Shredder Letter of Complaint

NB: For better quality the letter can be downloaded at
Before you start discussing the letter proposed to you I recommend you get to know the basic tips on writing complaint letters, as in the sample at

To encourage a discussion I proppose you answer these questions:

  • What is the general atmosphere of the letter?
  • Does it describe the problem clearly enough?
  • Are all the advised structural parts of the letter presented in it?
  • How is it possible to be rewritten? What would you change?
  • Is there anything you woud leave as it is?
  • What cliches of polite addressing/complaing could be found? 

the Bad Complainer

P.S. For more reference go to to read well explained tips on complaint letter writing! Good luck!


  1. Thank you for writing on this topic with such flair. You’re writing in this area is fantastic and interesting.Business Complaint Letter Template

    1. Dear Bose, I am extremely happy to see you interested in the issue as well. Thank yu for the link you've provided us with.

  2. 1. The letter full of anger and it demends justice, but it is written politely.
    2. I think this letter desribes the problem quite clearly
    3. Unfortunatelly, theconsumerist link doesn't work.
    4. "Dear Sir/Madam", "Yours faithfully"

  3. 1. Dissatisfied, not very friendly
    2. It’s not concise, but the problem can be understood after some reading. Many details are missing (confirmation numbers, dates, sums etc.).
    3. There’s no complimentary point to the company at the end of letter, the rest is ok.
    4. I would change the tone, make it more friendly
    5. The arguments are fine, maybe they need some details and less negative emotions, but the y should work as facts
    6. writing to express my dissatisfaction, wish to complain, taking into consideration etc.