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Article Rendering Sample: The Right For Personal Space

The article under consideration is headlined "The Right For Personal Space". In the current article the author speaks at length about a burning issue of all times which is a problem of discrimination. It is the descrimination against men, to be precise, that is touched upon by the author who lays stress on the oppression of inviolability as well as indispensibility of a person's private space.

The article opens in a brief description of the way of living in a society of former USSR when people even though were used to being deprived of their rights were still longing to get appartments of their own, so that they could feel safe in a so-called "personal space" of theirs. Afterwards the author moves on to defining the term "personal space" in odrer to provide the readers with the information necessary to get involved in further reading. He difines the term-in-question as a part of a territory that "belongs" to one definite owner and essentially enables one to stay there on one's own with no fear of a suddent intrusion of "aliens". According to the author's point of view, it is not only the chattels to be termed as a private or personal space, but clothes even. To put it in shorter words, one must not trespass on anyone's private zone without asking in advance.

Further on the author reminds his readers of some historic examples of the oppression of people's rights for their intimate areas. He starts with describing different attidute towards some areas of men-women's employment, goes on giving examples of high fences around people's houses, and ends up with the issue of public baths. The author claims that these aspects led to a resolution to create segregated lavatory rooms, single-sex saunas and changing-rooms, which depicted the progress towards equal rights in the USSR.

However, in the next passage the author points out the idea that all those restrictions placed were actually to guard women, rather than men. Holding on to the matter of man's rights, the author cites an example of "lovely" female janitors and maids occuring in men's toilets or baths with men inside! Similar situation can hardly take place in a ladies' WC. To contine the author tells a story of an American woman winning a right to use a gents' WC, whilst there's hardly any man to gain such a right. Being put under arrest is what he is more likely to achieve even if seen near the ladies' refreshroom, since it's against the law in the US. The author gives more examples, such as female teachers entering boys toilets in search of smokers, female doctors examining 18-year-old future soldiers and so on. These examples lay stress on the ideas of  the article.

The author draws conclusion by saying that the only way to advance the case of equal rights for a safe personal space is to teach boys just as well as girls to value their intimacy. So, to sum up the ideas mentioned I personally agree that the issue of men's deprivation of private place without a shadow of doubt is a subject for discussion. Yet, I still see no sence in putting this idea into such a exaggerated manner as the author did. What we all need to remember is that every one and all deserve a right for safety, comfort and ease of existance, no matter if one's a male or a female. My space is my space.
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This rendering was done by me several ears ago, when Iwas a 4th year studend. Now that you have read this article could you share your views on:
- the topic of man's/women's descrimination in terms of personal space
- style of the rendering

I would also like you to take a glimse at the languageof this rendering so that you could
- make a ist of words that one can use to talk about descrimination
- write out the basic clichès for writing a rendering

After having done all the tasks and taking part in the discussion in comments TRY AND WRITE YOR OWN rendering of any article on any subject you're interesed in and POST it in the blog (you can use Engloholics OR create your own blog on or

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