Thursday, 7 June 2012

How Jan Cured Poppy of a Tall Poppy Syndrome

There once lived a boy who was nicknamed as Poppy..
He hated kids' games, and saw no fun in hopping.
He never liked jokes, yet enjoyed for some reason
The process of bullying, mocking and teasing!

He mocked every girl in the neighbouring area,
And laughed at the waitresses at "Cafeteria".
He hated to see other children behave:
"I'll NEVER behave! You won't make me a slave!"

But the story'd be boring if this naughty young boy
Was the only one character. Really, no joy.
You may ask (or may not): "Who's the other one then?"
And we're happy to tell you it's lovable Jan.

Jan's a girl of a wonderful personality!
Though aged five she knows good what is "hospitality"!
And you'll never believe when you hear what we say:
Jan's a close friend of Poppy's from the very ... TODAY.

"Is it possible, really? Oh, Lord! Dare not lie!"
(We expect you to ask in a loud puzzled cry..)
But be patient, my friend, and be not scared to death -
Jan's not laughed at her manners or freshness of breath.

She's not bullied by Poppy, though she's such a charm,
And she always behaves being cheerful but calm.
Here's the story of how Jan met the strange little Poppy
Who was watching with hatred some grasshopper hopping.

"How disgusting it is to be green and big-eyed",
murmured Poppy. His voice made the grasshopper hide.
"How amazing it is to be big-eyed and green",
whispered Jan with excitement, watching the scene.

"Look, it jumps on a poppy!, exclaimed little Jan
"Poppy?", said little Poppy... "I don't understand...
Why was poppy named Poppy, and so named was I?
I have nothing in common with poppies! Oh my!

It's a Tall Poppy Syndrome, they say", on he went, 
"Oh, If only I knew what these silly words meant!"
"Never mind it", said Jan to the boy in a fury,
"It's not radioaktive, nor invented by Curie!

I will cure you from such an unwanted disorder"
So she said, being firm in placing her order
to smile and to laught at those things that are funny.
"Neither people, nor birds". "And what about bunnies?"

"No, no bunnies at all!", said the girl. "That won't do!
You should laugh when it's funny!Or don't simply do!
You should also stop being too picky and nosy.
And remember, oh Poppy, to be nice with Ms Rosy".

"I can do this! Of course! It's no trouble at all!
Will I then be no longer named Poppy, the Tall?
Will they stop criticising me, Jan, if I do
Stop criticising them all at once, too?"

And of course Jan said "yes"
Like when wishing to bless.
And we're likely to hope
Poppy'll turn into Pope
(Not that Pope of old Rome!)
with no Poppy syndrOme.

Written by Alyona Malinka (Wee Teacher)
Inspired by Grinch Stole Christmas

Pictures taken from and Art Gluttony


  1. I didn't read poems in English nearly 7-8 years, and this Wee-poetess's creation seems to me really great :)

    1. Frankly speaking, I don't remember myself reading a lot of verses or poems in English, too.
      This one was in fact inspired by a Dictiory of Idioms together with "Grinch Stole Christmas" that I have accidentally come across on the Web!
      Thanks ,)

    2. As it said in russian-internet culture: "author, write more" :)